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The Tale of the Succulent

I am not a gardener! I am what some might call a “brown thumb.” Maybe this is just because I have lived my entire adult life in an apartment and after a few unsuccessful attempts to have some indoor plants I just gave up on the idea until a moved to a new house this past spring. Hesitantly, I tried to replant a couple of Succulents, and at first, my reputation of being a “brown thumb” seemed to be confirmed. However, to my surprise, a few days later the quasi-dead, brownish plant bounced back, and it now looks like it’s going to make it. I still can’t believe the replanting worked and the plants are growing so fast that soon I will have to replant it in larger pots.

Just like my Succulents, Grace Life Community Church is a “replanting” of Grace Bible Fellowship which for forty years carried out its ministry in Pinellas Park, Florida. Pastor Larry and Alice Riemersma established GBF in 1976 with a group of about twelve people as a church committed to the proclamation of the Gospel of the Grace of God. The Lord greatly blessed the efforts of that core group, the church grew and in a two-phase effort built a nice facility in Pinellas Park.

However, due to many factors, church attendance fell steadily until in November 2016 the church decided to make a bold move we called “Downsizing For Growth.” As the name hints, the plan was to sell the present facilities and purchase a smaller location while retaining funds to invest in the replanting of the church. We sold our building in September 2017 and bought a new property the following month. We are now in the final stages of a major remodeling of the building located at 10527 Park Blvd N in Seminole, Fl. Also, just a couple of months ago, as part of our replanting effort, we renamed our church to Grace Life Community Church to highlight our continued commitment to the biblical concept of “grace” and our renewed desire to be a church in the community and for the community.

We are now looking forward to our first public worship service in our new location! Meanwhile, you may join our church plant team every Sunday, 10 am at our new location as we worship together, work on decorating our facility and plan for the Grand Opening - Easter Celebration scheduled for April 21st, 2019 at 10:00.